The Nooksack River is warming up. Over the past century, climate change and deforestation along the river’s banks have warmed the water to a temperature that’s deterring salmon from spawning. The EPA, scientists and the Nooksack Tribe are now responding. They are using climate models to create a strategy to cool down the Nooksack by revegetating its banks.

UNDETERRED: Jeffrey Parker's Journey Through Grief, Success, and Basketball
PAST THE ATMOSPHERE - Success, Failure & Rocket Science

A group of college students from Hawaii have traveled cross-continent to a NASA flight facility in Virginia. After over a year of inter-island communication, planning, design and testing, their experiments are on a rocket. They're trying to launch them into space.

I filmed this project over two weeks during my summer internship in the optics office at Wallops Flight Facility. Most footage shown now belongs to the NASA.

Director, producer, principal cinematographer, editor, graphics designer and writer: Kjell Redal
Principal sound designer: Wilson Fanestil
Tracking camera: Chris Perry
High-speed camera: Chris Perry