Tension and release. Humans crave them in sequence. Good music crescendos to a climax then resolves. A burger tastes best when preceded by a grueling trip in the wild. Humor is funniest following a nail-biting lead-in. And visual stories are no different. 

I approach everything I create through the lens of tension-and-release. This approach to telling a story makes people connect with your brand, cause, or idea — often through channels viewers themselves don't realize. My work revolves around conflict and resolution: between people, and between people and the natural world. With a background in journalism, I compose compelling visuals from real-life characters and locations.

For my fellow camera nerds: I fly the DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 camera, multiple lenses, RAW & ProRes licenses, plenty of batteries, and backups on everything. I also own various Sony cameras, lenses, and stabilizers, and have access to REDs if the project necessitates.

I carry a Part 107 license from the FAA -- as well as extensive insurance -- and have six years' experience flying from mountains, boats, snowmobiles, trucks, and more. I can also legally fly at night, if your project requires it.

Story is the flour in my recipe for a good film. But spice makes it exciting. You want mind-blowing aerial footage? Of course. Silky-smooth slow-mo shots? No problem. Underwater 4K content filmed in the middle of nowhere across the globe? Sign me up.

If I can't meet all of your needs on a project, I might know someone who can. So get in touch. Let's start creating the project you've imagined.

I was surprised to find tears welling up in my eyes as we screened our video for the first time. Through careful planning and a thoughtful approach, he somehow managed to capture the soul of the place. We were simply blown away.
— RC Townsend - Mountain Sky Guest Ranch



I've created content used by Netflix, Coca Cola, FREESKIER Magazine, NASA, Chase Bank, The Chicago Bulls, Adobe, The Seattle Times, DJI, The Weather Channel, USA Today, The University of Miami, DP Review, Trail Runner Magazine, OZY, and Western Washington University, among others. You can see some of this above.

Kjell is a one-of-a-kind filmmaker. I came to him with a very ambitious project, both technically and conceptually, and he knocked it out of the park. His eye for capturing motion is second to none. His edits and transitions are flawless. And his storytelling through motion picture is something you cannot teach. But his work speaks for itself. Within 48 hours we had 24,000 views all from organic traffic to our video. I can’t recommend Kjell enough.
— Briddick Webb



  • FAA Part 107-certified for commercial drone flight

  • Interned with the visual teams at The Seattle Times and NASA's Wallops Flight Facility

  • 6+ years experience with various drones, automated sliders, gimbals, and other stabilization platforms

  • Bachelors degree in Visual Journalism from Western Washington University

  • Won two Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards for Investigative Reporting and Multimedia Feature Film

  • Fluent in Spanish

  • Adaptable, with experience filming in varied locations, physical terrain, elevations, countries and cultures

Kjell was incredible to work with on our Western Give Day videos — creative, responsive, and savvy.
— Angie Vandenhaak - Western Washington University



The cost of producing a film is variable-dependent. Each of these—whether it's time, travel, expenses, equipment, music licensing, etc.—affects the cost of a project. Get in touch, either by emailing me at kjelltristanredal@gmail.com or completing the form below, and I can give you a quote once I have a better understanding of your needs and goals.  

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